Company Introduction

Shinchi Technology Corp. is established in Taiwan as a manufacturer & supplier of the advanced medical equipment. With its proven success working with manufacturer of compact image camera modules, Shinchi Technology Corp. is dedicated to develop as tiny as possible the endoscope devices to meet the demanding health care professionals.  

Shinchi Technology Corp. is headquartered in Taiwan with factories in Taiwan and China. The Dental Root Canal Orifice Detector is a patent-pending device with state of art design. The Digital Otoscope is designed with the smallest lens and highest resolution of its peers. We could also provide turnkey solutions for all kind of endoscope, like Laryngoscope, Bronchoscope, Arthroscope, Gastroscope, Laparoscope, Colonoscope, Ureteroscope, Cystoscope and Hysteroscope.

Based on our past working experience with 1st tier customers, our turnkey solutions can help you improve quality of your existing in-market product and optimize manufacturing processes.